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Eliza WALSH born 1835 in Castlelost, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

An Irish Famine Orphan

Eliza WALSH born 1835 in Castlelost, Co Westmeath, Ireland. Missing from records since 10 October 1853.

Catholic Parish records show that she was baptised Elizabeth Walsh on 29 July 1835, Parish of Rochfortbridge in the Diocese of Meath.  Her parents were Peter WALSH and Betty SWEENEY. *

Eliza landed in Sydney, Australia, with her sister Mary Jane, as Irish Famine refugees aboard the Tippoo Saib in July 1850. ** They were young teenage girls from the Mullingar workhouse, 15 and 16 years old respectively. Classified as ‘nursemaids’, the sisters were two of nearly 4000 ‘orphan girls’ from Irish workhouses sent to Australia as part of the Earl Grey Scheme. Around half of these girls ended up in Sydney.

The last record of Eliza is her witnessing the marriage of sister, Mary to Henry LINDUPP at St Phillips Church of England, Sydney, County of Cumberland on 10 October 1853. The girls’ surname was transcribed WELSH on the certificate.  ***

*Irish Catholic Parish Records, Rochfortbridge, RC Register A, p.124

**(SRNSW No,4/1919 – Reel 2461)

*** Reg: V185341 39c/1853

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