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About History Snoop

Putting Family into History

I’m Susan O’Leary and I’m a History Snoop. I started this blog in November 2018 after touring Ireland snooping around for information about my family’s Irish ancestors. Although I didn’t uncover much information I felt strangely connected to them as I explored towns and villages where I knew they had links. I also came across wonderful snippets of historical information not directly related to my family but worth noting for other people who like history stories.

My passion for history was aroused when I started putting my own forebears into historical context.  I realised then that a small part of me lived through extraordinary times down the ages. Periods involving wars, social upheaval, economic discord, population dislocation, epidemics, famine, religious persecution and violence. We are all here today, because our ancestors lived, reproduced and survived enormous challenges. Their actions and choices helped influence our present and our actions and choices will help influence our descendants’ futures.

Some people find family history boring and irrelevant but personalising history can turn family trees into fascinating tales of life. Engaging with the past can help us understand who we are and where we fit in life’s extraordinary landscape.

I am a member of Family History (ACT) formerly the Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra (HAGSOC), Canberra and District Historical Society (CDHS), Canberra and Region Heritage Researchers (CRHR) and the Footscray Historical Society.

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